The sale of Pacifica was completed on November 17, 2009. Congratulation to the new owner Alex!

Kathy and David will continue their adventures in Central and South America aboard LightSpeed a Chris White designed Atlantic 42 sailing catamaran. For the latest on the adventure see

Hull extension parts available

Interested in a PDQ 36/39? Hull Extension parts available.


  • (2) Hull parts
  • (2) deck parts
  • Install video on youtube
Email for the current price.

Install you self of have it done in a week or two out of the water.

Build to your specs or mine... delivery in 2-3 weeks from time of order.

Shipping within USA around $300

Email for more info and specifications sheet.

Two set delivered to PDQ owners thus far... a great value for an extra 3'

900 nautical mile Below decks Autopilot update

After 900 nautical miles plus from Mystic, CT to Florida mostly offshore in winds up to 32 knots and significant wave height nine feet. However, the majority of the offshore sailing found us in winds of 10-20 knots and seas three to five feet.  

The new autopilot drove 99.9% of the trip offshore and performed flawlessly even in the gusty and surfing conditions where boat speed could increase from 7 knots to 14 knots in seconds.  We found response level 1 on the Raymarine 6002 control head was sufficient under most conditions and was desirable as it ignored repetitive movements thereby minimizing power use.  Once things got into the twenty knot true wind speed range and the seas had time to build up we used response levels 2 and 3 for superior course keeping.